From an historically agricultural-based business, Colindale has evolved to form a progressive single family office.

About us

Colindale's journey commenced in South Australia in 1870 with the Michell family's first investment in agriculture.

Over the next five generations the family developed G.H Michell & Sons into a remarkable global agribusiness identity with a proud trading history in Asia, Europe and North America.

Today, the Colindale family office has captured the entrepreneurial spirit and vision of its forefathers to preserve and manage its wealth with an innovative approach to its diverse portfolio of global investments and projects.

Our history is in our name

The Colindale name is derived from the moniker of our beloved forefather, Colin Michell, and former matriarch Kaye Michell's love of Yorkshire's stunning dales.

The name embodies the integrity of our family's values together with a nod to our geographical origins.

Our guiding principles originate in our family heritage and provide the foundations for our approach to business, our sustainability and our success.